Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Dobutamine Stress ECHO
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Electro-physiology (EP)studies
  • Coronary Angiogram (CAG)
  • ECG
  • EEG / ENMG / Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Cerebral Angiogram
  • Sleep Lab
  • CT Scan
  • Color Doppler
  • Ultra sonogram
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Clinical Histopathology
Other facilities
Blood Bank

To meet the requirement for blood 24*7, CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam, collaborates with a Blood Bank, which serves all the hospital’s blood needs.


All our ACLS ambulances are well equipped with defibrillators, monitors, ventilators, suction, oxygen, drugs, etc. Our emergency services provide the best pre-hospital care for all the emergency calls received. The ambulances are manned by trained emergency medical technologists and drivers who provide pre-hospital care at home and en route to the hospital. The EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) are well experienced and have good knowledge and skills in emergency management. They work under the guidance of the emergency department and maintain direct contact with consultants of various disciplines for necessary action regarding the management of an emergency patient.

We also specialize in providing ambulance services for transfer of patients from long distances by road and air and have transferred hundreds of patients since our inception. A dedicated team of anesthesiologists and emergency medical technologists provide 24 x 7 services.

In case of an emergency, to call for an ambulance, please contact the emergency physician at ext. +91 0891 3041444. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Emergency Room

CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam, has earned a reputation for being a premier heart care institute. The hospital offers continuous patient monitoring - a prerequisite for cardiac patients, especially those suffering from acute heart attack, heart failure, etc. Hence, a team of five qualified cardiologists, trained at renowned institutes across India and abroad, is in charge of providing ICCU care, round the clock.

A full-fledged neurosciences department, with qualified neurophysicians and neurosurgeons, is at the constant service of patients. A well-equipped neuro ICU, manned by the critical care team and trained staff, is available for tackling neuro emergencies, round the clock. Medical management of stroke, epilepsy, headache, pain and movement disorders, apart from other neurological problems, are treated regularly. Surgical management of brain tumors, stroke, spinal lesions, spinal stabilization, micro discectomy and all types of micro-surgery are performed here.

The trauma care team manages all types of accidents - from resuscitation, surgical intervention and neurological treatment to rehabilitation. We have separate ICCUs for Cardiology, Critical Care, Neurology, Accidents and Trauma and ICUs for general specialties, providing high quality care.

The critical care team handles all emergencies like shock, poisoning, and chronic pains for management of acute conditions.


The Pharmacy stocks all the latest medicines and supplies them as required by the doctors as well as patients. It is manned by qualified and competent pharmacists. The Pharmacy works round the clock.

The Hospital is equipped with:

  • Dedicated consultation chambers
  • 12 ICCU beds with monitors and ventilators, 10 CTICU beds, 10 SICU beds, 7 Casualty beds, 5 NICU beds, 5 AMCU and 3 Isolation beds
  • Pre Cath and Post Cath beds
  • 7 state-of-the-art operation theaters
  • 25 surgical ICU beds with cardiac multi-channel monitors and ventilators
  • Neuro ICU beds with cardiac multi-channel monitors
  • General ward beds with facility for central supply of oxygen and vacuum
  • Fully equipped in-house Biochemical Lab
  • Radiology services Spiral CT scan
  • Color Doppler 2D Echo, including TEE probe
  • Computerized TMT machine
  • Holter Recorder
  • Cineless digital Cath lab with DSA facility
  • Video endoscopy
  • Heart lung machines
  • Neuro endoscope
  • Ventilators (adult, paediatric and neonatal)
  • Video Endoscope for upper GI, lower GI, ERCP
  • Bronchoscope C-Arm
  • Ultrasound and Colour Doppler
  • Cell Counter
  • Diathermy apparatus
  • Dialysis

In addition to routine facilities like patient consultation, ECG, ECHO, TMT, blood investigations and procedures like temporary pacing, pericardiocentesis, intra-aortic balloon pumping and ventilatory care etc, the hospital employs state-of-the-art technology in performing procedures like coronary angiogram, routine angioplasty as well as primary stenting, balloon valvuloplasty, permanent pacing and peripheral interventions.

Cardiac surgery procedures like CABG (bypass surgery) on beating heart and on CPB, valve replacements and valve reconstructions are performed regularly. Congenital heart disease like ASD/VSD and other complex anomalies are corrected. Major thoracic surgeries and vascular procedures are also done. Emergency CABG and Emergency Valve Reconstruction facilities are also available.

Well trained physiotherapists are available at the Physiotherapy Department.

Specialized procedures in laparoscopy surgery, spine surgery, knee replacement are performed with a high success rate.

The hospital is equipped with multi-slice spiral CT scan for scans such as CT angio, etc.

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