Her Health Package

Breast and cervical cancers are two major cancers among Indian women. One in every 8 women suffer from these diseases. Early detection is the only key to increase the chances of cure. Hence regular health check-ups are very important for women. Even in the absence of signs and symptoms, many doctors recommend routine, yearly health check-ups for all females. Tests like mammography and Pap’s smear are a must for every woman after the age of 30. A women wellness health check-up package at CARE Hospitals includes:

  • Gynecology consultation
  • Diet consultation
  • Physiotherapy consultation
  • ECG
  • X Ray chest PA
  • Ultra sound lower abdomen
  • Complete blood picture
  • ESR
  • KFT
  • Liver function test
  • Blood sugar - random
  • Complete urine examination & stool for routine examination
  • Pap smear
Package Cost : Rs 3200/-

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