Gastro Check-up

Gastrointestinal disorders are one of the major common diseases in India. Gastrointestinal disorders include peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), appendicitis, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as any kind of cancerous tumors present in the gastronomical tract. To lead a healthy lifestyle, an early screening of the gastronomical tract is necessary. A gastrointestinal health check-up package is recommended for patients who have improper eating habits, suffer from obesity, are addicted to smoking and drinking and those who have a family history of gastrointestinal disorders. The gastro health check-up package at CARE Hospitals includes:

Lab Investigations:
UGI Endoscopy
Haemogram - Hemoglobin, PCV, RBC, MCV, MCH, MCHC
-Total Leucocyte Count
-WBC count
-Platelet Count
-Stool Examination

Non Invasive Investigation:
-Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

-Pre Consultation Check-up (Height, Weight, BP, BMI)
-Consultation with Senior Gastroenterologist

Package Cost : Rs 2000/-

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