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The importance of early diagnosis for hepatitis by Dr. Debashis Misra | World Hepatitis Day 2021
A brief overview of hepatitis by Dr. M Asha Subba Lakshmi | World Hepatitis Day 2021
Dr. Swathi G | Consultant Gastroenterology | CARE Hospitals
Who should go for a Bariatric / Weight Loss surgery? Explains Dr. Krishnamohan. Y | CARE Hospitals
What is Obesity | Dr Krishna Mohan Y | CARE Hospitals
Understanding Obesity
Is Bariatric Surgery Safe? |
Does every one need surgical procedure for Obesity Treatment
జీర్ణకోశ క్యాన్సర్ అంటే ఏమిటి? లక్షణాలు, కారణాలు మరియు చికిత్స | Dr. Krishnamohan Y | CARE Hospitals