Dr. Nikhil Mathur

Group Chief of Medical Services

Dr. Nikhil Mathur is Chief of Medical Services at CARE Group of Hospitals and is on the Board of Directors at CARE Hospitals at Nagpur and Raipur. 

Dr. Nikhil Mathur in his current position is responsible for advocating ethical medical practices while ensuring a safe and fair work environment at the CARE Hospitals across India. He is also responsible for planning and implementing clinical governance and medical operating systems across the group. He leads medical staff affairs including physician recruitment, engagement, and increasing productivity. He is also involved in ensuring continual improvement in the standard of medical care and patient safety. As part of the administration, he is also leading all clinical academic programs across the group.

Dr. Nikhil Mathur is a life member of the Society of Emergency Medicine, India. He has been trained at WISER (University of Pittsburgh) on running a successful healthcare simulation centre. Before joining CARE Hospitals, he worked in multiple hospital groups.