Mobile First Aid Kits for Traffic Police

To provide primary, preventive and referral healthcare services to citizens, mobile first aid kits were provided to the city traffic police at COPC, Hyderabad on 20th February.  Mr Jitender, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch, Hyderabad City, Dr Rajeev Menon, CMS, and senior doctors were present on the occasion.The first aid kit, fitted on the patrolling motorcycles of the traffic police, will offer emergency medical assistance during road accidents. Mr Jitender said most traffic cops are trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques. The kit would help them in controlling bleeding, handling seizures and cardiac arrest symptoms and external injuries. Dr Rajeev Menon said, “Traffic police are trained in handling emergencies with minimum equipment. In road accidents, victims usually go into shock and, without adequate training, policemen are unable to handle the situation.  Training is aimed at addressing this issue”. Dr Nikhil Mathur, Head, Emergency Medicine opined that, “First aid techniques, which include breath restoration in case of heart attacks and attending to cuts and wounds with minimum equipment in road accidents, should be the basic know-how for a policeman.”

Mobile First Aid Kits for Traffic Police  Mobile First Aid Kits for Traffic Police1

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