Heart Failure Summit 2016

CARE Nagpur, in association with the CSI Vidarbha Chapter organized a “Heart Failure Summit" on 13th November, 2016. The Chief Guests were Dr C Narsimhan, Chief Consultant Electrophysiologist, CARE Hyderabad, Dr Varun Bhargava, Medical Director, CARE Nagpur, Dr Ram Ghodeswar and Dr Pankaj Harkut, President and Secretary, CSI Vidarbha Chapter. The topics and the speakers included: ‘How do I manage acute heart failure: Drug therapy – what is new?’ (Dr Daljeet Kaur Saggu), ‘Drug therapy for chronic heart failure’ (Dr Vipul Seta), ‘Surgical management of heart failure’ (Dr Ashish Badkal), ‘Heart failure, COPD and OSA’ (Dr Ravindra Sarnaik), ‘Cardio renal syndrome’ (Dr Ashwini Kumar Khandekar) and ‘Management of arrhythmias in heart failure’ (Dr C Narasimhan). An interactive ECG session and quiz was also conducted by Dr Daljeet Kaur; 63 consultants, postgraduate students, and corporate doctors attended.

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