A First for Odisha – 3 Challenging Aneurysm Cases

An aneurysm is an excessive swelling in the arteries with a collection of blood. When an aneurysm bursts, it results in loss of blood. Sometimes the location of the aneurysm, namely that of the brain is life threatening.

CARE Bhubaneswar was recently presented with three such cases. While the effect of the aneurysm was worse in one of the patients, Nalla Usha Rani, the other two patients, Sandhayrani Patra and Pradeep Kumar Mishra, were doing reasonably well with no change in either the function or the sensation across the body. However, the complexity of the neurosurgery required increased, as these were located in the membrane around the brain. This made the approach difficult, calling for a very
delicate operation.

Two cases were operated on and clips were used to control the aneurysm. The third patient was first clinically stabilized and later operated upon. The patient recovered well. After the surgery, an imaging procedure was carried out after injecting a dye to check for leakages; the procedure revealed good results in all three cases. The patients did well after the surgery and were subsequently discharged.

This rare surgery was performed by Dr Siddhanth Sankar Sahoo, Consultant Neurosurgery for the first time in Odisha, at CARE Hospitals.

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