Certified Internal Auditor– NABH Program

The Certified Internal Auditor - NABH is an intensive 3-day program that focuses on training of in-house resources to undertake internal audit to verify the status of NABH implementation. Participants are made aware about the salient points of NABH standards to focus on the audit process, including audit techniques.

The course comprises of exercises and case studies and helps healthcare organizations to have an empowered resource in not only sustaining the momentum of accreditation, but in also improving the compliance on a continuous basis. The participants carry out an audit in an actual facility to get a feel of the real thing.

The program is highly useful for clinicians, administrators, quality, nursing and diagnostic staff, biomedical engineers, maintenance staff and paramedical supervisory staff. NABH qualified assessors, with a rich track record in the subjects, conduct the program. The successful participants are awarded competence based certificates. The program was conducted by AHPI at CARE Nampally from November 16-18 and was attended by 30 participants.

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