Consultants Drive Kidney Awareness Program

The CARE Hyderabad units, in collaboration with Jeevandan (a government approved scheme run by the Cadaver Transplantation Advisory Committee), organized a public health awareness program on kidney diseases “Know your kidneys better” on 23rd March. Chief Guest Dr Swarnalatha, Coordinator, Jeevandan, encouraged the audience to undergo regular health screenings to detect kidney disease at an early stage. She also exhorted the public to undertake a pledge on organ donation so that one’s organs, after death, can save the lives of several others.

Sharing the stage with her were senior CARE Nephrology and Urology Consultants who spoke to a large gathering on topics such as the status of kidney disease in India, risk factors and prevention, and the importance of regular check-ups. Patients who have undergone kidney transplants at CARE were invited to share their experiences, followed by a Q&A session in which kidney disease patients clarified their doubts. Free screening for blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI was organized and discount coupons for check-ups were given to all.

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