World's Greatest Brands & Leaders Awards for CARE and CEO

The CARE Hospitals Group was presented the “World's Greatest Brands 2016-17 - Asia & GCC” Award under the “Single/Multi Specialty Hospital” Category for the ‘Healthcare Industry’ and Dr Mudit Saxena, Group CEO was chosen for the “World's Greatest Leaders 2016-17 - Asia & GCC” Award. The awards were presented by the India–UAE Business & Social Forum, wherein over 200 contemporary leaders converged on a single platform. The occasion witnessed animated discussions on innovative ideas by some of the most dynamic visionaries India, UAE (Asia & GCC) has produced. The selection was based on primary and secondary research across 15 industries in Asia and GCC, with scores collected from jury members, United Research Services International and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who were the independent process reviewers.

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