5th Kidney Transplant @ CARE Hospitals, Musheerabad

Carehospitals, Musheerabad 5th Kidney_Transplant

Mr S Ramulu became the fifth person to undergo a successful kidney transplant at CARE Musheerabad, recently. The transplant was performed by Dr Suresh Kumar, Consultant Nephrologist, along with vascular surgeon, Dr Prasada Raju and Urologists, Dr Srinivas Rao and Dr Subhash. Mr Ramulu had type 2 diabetes as a result of which both his kidneys had almost stopped functioning. His wife donated a kidney and the operation was performed on April 28, 2015.

At a press conference, Dr Suresh Kumar said kidney transplants are becoming more common as they are very effective in helping people with kidney diseases. Dr Suresh Kumar has conducted around a hundred transplants till date. “We have the infrastructure to perform such procedures and will perform many more in the near future,” he said.

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