10 Liver Transplants in AP by CARE Hospitals

The CARE Hospitals Group has reached a milestone of 10 liver transplants in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Liver transplantation is a good option for end stage liver disease or acute liver failure, but is one of the most complex surgeries.

Announcing the achievement at a press conference in Vijayawada on 7th January, Dr Thomas Cherian, Head, Hepato Biliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation said, “We did the first liver transplant in Andhra Pradesh and have now completed 10 transplants. We have lost only one recipient, which in comparison, is equal and better than the results of liver transplantation in London and New York. This consistency is proof that we have achieved the standard requirement that we are independently capable in this field.”

Speaking on some common myths about liver transplantation, he said such beliefs are doing a disservice to the families of liver patients. Some of these myths are that the following people are not suitable for liver transplant: patients above 60 years of age or those with cancer or portal vein thrombosis. Other myths are that patients with kidney and liver failure will always need two organ transplants, it is safe to wait for several months for an organ or very sick patients cannot have a liver transplant. These are not true.

Sharing the CARE Group’s future plans, Dr Cherian said, “We will have a multispecialty team where several experts will come together for to offer the best treatment to a patient. Experts like Dr G Sathyanarayana, Gastroenterologist, Dr Mohan Maharaj, Anesthesiologist, Dr John David, Critical Care and my team take care of each patient. We are also training a resident surgical team so that there is someone available round-the-clock to look after liver disease patients. A new liver ICU will be set up for acute and severe liver failure cases.”

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