Patient Experiences

Mr. Mukund speaks about his leg muscle pain treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

I admitted myself to CARE in the hope that I could regain the full use of my legs. The staff here are very cooperative; they listen to your problems and attempt to find solutions based on your needs, to the best of their ability. I am happy with the way I was taken care of here. Everyone should have a doctor like Dr. Sancheti and they should come to CARE Hospitals to get their problems treated. CARE is an excellent hospital!

Mr. Aravind Jain talks about his niece Anamika's hole in heart surgery at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

A month after she was born, we learnt that she had a hole in her heart. We decided to go ahead with the operation as a delay may reduce the chance of saving the child's life. The doctors and staff here are excellent, they treated her with love and care and such a major operation was a success. The doctors were very reassuring. She is healthy now and I am grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff of CARE Hospitals for giving her a new lease of life.

Mrs Razia Begum's experience on kidney failure treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

Here, all the doctors and their entire team are very good. The hospital is also really good and well maintained. The sisters, brothers and all the paramedical staff are good. They have taken such good care of my son that I am grateful to them. The care they have taken, probably even I wouldn't be able to do so much.

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