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Mr Shaik Ali Talks About His Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Praveen Mereddy at CARE Hospitals

I liked the way Dr Praveen Mereddy interacted with me. I was very impressed by the way he spoke to me about the treatment – just by talking, he clears all the misconceptions regarding the disease. After seeing CARE Hospitals, I felt very happy that we also have very good hospitals here, which are well maintained in terms of neatness and service.

Mr Dinakar Talks About His Father’s Knee Replacement Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

We had heard a lot from patients, read a lot on the internet about the complications of this surgery and how it could impact a patient’s life. But once my father underwent the surgery, we realized that all those were misconceptions.

Mr Phaneendra Goteti Speaks of His Total Knee Replacement Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I was very scared of the operation but now this looks so simple that I regret all the suffering I went through all these years. The way they consider every patient as their own relative and take care really justifies the name CARE!

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