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Mrs Khushbu Galaiya talks of her husband’s Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

There is a lot of difference between CARE Hospitals and other hospitals. At CARE hospitals, the management, neatness, cleanliness, staff, doctors and all the teams are very good as compared to other hospitals. It doesn't feel like we are in a hospital. It feels like a family, they treat us like family members, which I’ve never seen in any other hospital.

Mr Gurmeet Singh from Raipur speaks of his Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

The way Dr Thomas and his team work is excellent and we don’t have to worry about anything. I was sure I would die. I am alive only because of Dr. Tom Cherian. Whoever needs to get operated upon, visit Dr Thomas; it is not necessary to visit other doctors. I suggest to others to get treatment in CARE Hospitals. It is the best in India.

Mr Vulugonda Sreeram from Jadcherla speaks of his heart surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Soma Raju visited me the day after surgery at 5 am. I was surprised by his dedication, his energy levels and simplicity. Today when I visit the hospital, I do not like to leave without greeting him. The staff in this hospital works with a service motto, just like Dr Soma Raju sir. The word ‘CARE’ in CARE hospitals is 100% justifiable.

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