Patient Experiences

Mr B Mallesham speaks about his hip joint surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The doctors here treat all their patients equally — without class or religious differences. Everyone is an example of an ideal doctor. Without giving any trouble to the patient, they give complete care. Not only the doctors, but the entire staff of CARE works dedicatedly and gives 100% to the patient’s recovery.

Mr Prashant C Anajwala speaks about vein surgery of his father Mr Bipin at CARE Hospitals, Surat

Dr. Vinchurkar is a wonderful doctor. He made us understand each and every aspect of the treatment clearly. CARE Hospitals (Surat) has very good facilities and nursing staff; we never felt that there was any shortcoming in the hospital. Even in our absence, the staff provided perfect care (to my father) on time. CARE is a wonderful hospital and it has a good panel of doctors …the hospital maintenance is also good.

Mr Sunil Kumar Mahakund speaks about his hand reattachment surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

When I had the accident (both hands were cut off) I thought I would never have my hands back. But now I have my hands back and can do all my work. The doctor said I would be able to drive after 6-7 months. Dr. R. K. Prasad is like God for me, because he gave me my hands back!

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