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Pregnancy Secrets for a Super Mom in the Making


Pregnancy Secrets for a Super Mom in the Making

A lot of women who haven’t experienced pregnancy yet consider it to be one of the biggest highpoints of their life. However, experts and women who are not new to this would beg to differ. The physical and psychological changes experienced by women during their pregnancy period impact them greatly. For first-time moms, these changes can be overwhelming.

We have compiled a list of pregnancy secrets to prepare the expectant moms for their upcoming nine-month long journey. Have a look:

Take care of your heart

During pregnancy, due to the increased pressure on the abdomen, the acid produced by the stomach is pushed up to the oesophagus, causing heartburn. The condition can be corrected using antacids which your doctor can suggest. Apart from this, you can include almonds in your diet. Almonds are rich in compounds which help in keeping the acid in the stomach itself, preventing the occurrence of heartburn. However, you must keep in mind the high-calorie content of the almonds while consuming them.

Manage your back pain well

Pregnancy brings with it tons of ordeals and back pain is one of them. The ligaments in the body become softer to ease up the labour process. This affects the joints present in the lower back along with the pelvis, resulting in an excruciating back pain. However, by following simple tips you can alleviate this pain. For instance, when you are lifting something from the ground, try to keep your back straight. Moreover, if you are sitting on a chair, it is again advisable to keep your back straight. You can also practice pressing your back against the chair in order to strengthen your back muscles.

Don’t let stretch marks perturb you

Most pregnant women fret about the stretch marks. Stretch marks are the streaks on the skin, predominantly on the lower abdomen. They are not harmful to the mother and the baby but they cause discomfort. A lot of pregnant women are also worried about their appearance. The truth is that stretch marks are inevitable during pregnancy and no skin product can possibly remove them fully. However, you can reduce their occurrence by keeping a check on your weight.

According to health experts at Care Hospitals, one of the best specialist maternity hospitals in India , as a pregnant woman, you may also have to deal with the episodes of Control Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and constipation along with the occurrence of varicose veins. However, these conditions are remedial and must not be worried about.