Patient Experiences

  • Mr Tee Haa Ne Ne From Myanmar Speaks About His Treatment At CARE Hospitals

    They took care of me when I was in the ICU. The nurses and the doctors used to come and meet me 2 times. I would suggest to all the people--come to CARE Hospitals. They took good care of me and did everything possible.

  • Baby Babel Zehra’s Father Mr Ezat Mir from Afghanistan Speaks About His Daughter’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    My daughter’s surgery was performed and I am really satisfied with the treatment. I had complete faith in the doctors, that they would give their best and was 100% confident about the surgery. The doctors and the nursing staff were very cooperative…I will recommend this hospital for people across the world and especially for the people in Afghanistan who suffer from cardiac aliments. They have to visit India and especially CARE Hospital in Hyderabad for quality surgery and good results.  

  • Mr Ronald from Tanzania Speaks of His Wife Mary Elia's Oncology Treatment at CARE Hospitals

    Doctors here are very committed and knowledgeable. They know what to do and they know how to talk to the patient. Very good nurses, sisters. They were very cooperative, very helpful. We took some pictures with them for memories.  

  • Mrs Thaung Thaung Htay From Myanmar Speaks of Her Son Aung Khant San’s Cardiology Treatment at CARE

    At CARE, we met many nurses, doctors and the entire staff; they were very helpful to us. Every day follow-ups by the consultants was very reassuring. I wish more patients from Myanmar come here for their treatment. I would like to tell patients about CARE Hospital's agents and their helping nature.

  • Mr Sameer Rafique Shaikh Speaks of His Free Treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The doctor was very good and all the nursing staff were very good. I felt I was in my own house and my own doctor. We can trust this hospital. I would like to thank the Chairman also, Dr B Somaraju, for taking this much care of me for free.

  • Mr Naveen Kumar Speaks of His Baby Daughter’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    I read about the surgery performed by Tapan sir on a 1-day-old baby. That gave me a lot of confidence. If anyone asks me for a good hospital for pediatrics, I can only suggest CARE to them. Because, looking at the 3-day-old baby, none of the other hospitals came forward. CARE has given a second lease of life to my baby.

  • Mr Shirzad Mohammed Zubair from Afghanistan Speaks of His Daughter’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

    One of her valves was closed and she had a hole in her heart. The treatment at CARE Hospitals is completed; she is doing fine now. About the nurses, however much I praise them, it will be too little. You wouldn’t find such a hospital in entire India. I have never seen so much love, and this place has a homely atmosphere.

  • Mr Amiri Mohammed Ewaz from Afghanistan Speaks of His Son’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

    On the day I left for India, I met a few people who have undergone different treatments in India (at CARE Hospitals). I saw a lot of children getting cured. I am satisfied with the doctors, nurses and other staff of CARE Hospitals. Nurses, especially, take good care of the patients and attendants; taking care of their medicine and food from time to time. They bring a smile to the patient and they just want the patient to be happy forever.

  • Mr Zardan Mail Khan from Afghanistan Speaks of His Daughter’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

    The cleanliness in CARE Hospitals is very good. We are happy with the services -- the cleaning staff, the procedure, and specially the nurses. They are around taking care 24x7. The difference between the doctors here and back home is like the sky and the earth. This hospital is the number one hospital.

  • Mrs. G Nagamani Speaks of Her Liver Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr Tom Cherian always spoke to me with a smile. He is very kind and the staff also treated us very well during our visits. Everything is normal; I am feeling very good and I don’t have any discomfort. 

  • Mr Y Sri Rama Sarma Speaks of His Liver Cancer Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    There is a constant attempt on the part of this medical team to take care of the patient and see that they are happy and peaceful. The doctors always have a smile. They gauged the problem exactly and I have no problem. 

  • Master Kamran’s father Mr Dawood from Afghanistan Speaks About His Son’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    I will recommend this hospital in Afghanistan to all people for its good facilities, for its hygiene and for serving us our home Afghani food.

  • Mr Faizullah, Father of Musavir from Afghanistan Speaks About His Son’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    I was happy visiting India and was hopeful for my son’s recovery. The doctor explained to us in detail about the treatment and the risks involved in it. It gave me a lot of confidence and I am very happy with the results now. Not only me, the other 12 children’s parents who came along with us from Afghanistan, are happy with the results. When we return to Afghanistan, we would recommend CARE Hospital for anybody suffering with a cardiac problem. We will suggest them CARE Hospital in Hyderabad.

  • Mr Kabir, Father of Halai Ahmed from Afghanistan Speaks About His Son’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    I consulted a doctor regarding my son’s ill health in Kabul, where he was diagnosed with two holes and a problem in a valve in his heart. We are really happy with this hospital; all the doctors and nurses have been very good to us. We never had a problem; doctors are available round the clock to handle any emergency situation. 

  • Baby Haji’s Father, Mr Shanullah From Afghanistan Speaks About His Son’s Heart Surgery at CARE Hospitals

    This hospital has provided excellent treatment. (They) performed a surgery and replaced a valve successfully. Everything was timely, whether it was medicines or food. We had an Afghani translator too. The doctors here are very service oriented, and I have never seen such commitment, neither in Pakistan nor in Afghanistan. The doctors and sisters in CARE Hospitals are loving and caring.

  • Mr Shaik Ali Talks About His Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Praveen Mereddy at CARE Hospitals

    I liked the way Dr Praveen Mereddy interacted with me. I was very impressed by the way he spoke to me about the treatment – just by talking, he clears all the misconceptions regarding the disease. After seeing CARE Hospitals, I felt very happy that we also have very good hospitals here, which are well maintained in terms of neatness and service.

  • Mrs Anitha says CARE Hospitals is best kidney transplant hospital in India

    This hospital, really they have taken care of me. CARE name is synonymous with success. From brothers, sisters, everyone is so friendly and helpful that I cherish their service. I never felt that we were in a hospital. We became like their family members. The doctors and sisters, brothers, technicians… I miss them as I no longer come for dialysis. But whenever I visit the Outpatient Department, I definitely meet them.

  • Mr S Nageshwar Rao talks about his Liver Transplant Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Whether I was in the ICU or in the special ward, every day at least 10-12 doctors visited and took utmost care of me as if ‘care’ is the specialty of CARE Hospitals… I received an organ from a person so I can stay alive and help others; everyone should come forward for organ donation.

  • Mr Shyam Sundar talks about Treatment for Liver Cancer at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I’ve had experiences with a few of our relatives with regard to cancer. None of them have survived, unfortunately. But today, 55 days after the surgery, I am really happy that I made the right decision to have it done by Dr Tom Cherian as well as at CARE Hospitals.

  • Mr Umesh Shinde Appreciates the Nursing Care for his Liver Transplant Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The nurses were the best. They took good care of me… I haven’t experienced any health issues since the surgery.

  • Mr Padma Ram Talks About His Total Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Shashikant Godey at CARE Hospitals

    There are no words to express Dr Shashikanth’s commitment. I’m alive here only because of Dr Shashikanth. The team of doctors interacts with patients like friends, brothers. We do not get this atmosphere in most hospitals. Doctors from neurology, orthopedics and internal medicine came together to give complete care.

  • Mr Dinakar Talks About His Father’s Knee Replacement Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    We had heard a lot from patients, read a lot on the internet about the complications of this surgery and how it could impact a patient’s life. But once my father underwent the surgery, we realized that all those were misconceptions.

  • Mr Phaneendra Goteti Speaks of His Total Knee Replacement Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I was very scared of the operation but now this looks so simple that I regret all the suffering I went through all these years. The way they consider every patient as their own relative and take care really justifies the name CARE!

  • Mr Ram Reddy talks about his total knee replacement surgery by Dr Praveen Mereddy at CARE Hospitals

    If anyone has any problems with their knees and a surgery is required they can have it done without any fear. You won’t feel like you have undergone a surgery at all! Dr Praveen Mereddy is an excellent doctor and any operation performed under his supervision is a success.

  • Bajji Nath Singh talks about his Emergency care at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    After coming to CARE Hospitals, I felt that there is no hospital or person who can talk to me with such affection. Giving medicines on time, providing me with food on time, conducting tests on time is the specialty of these doctors and this hospital. I’ve seen other places too, but I haven’t seen a hospital like this. We used to travel for 15 kms, but now within just 5 km, we can reach this hospital.

  • Ms Thirupathamma from Jadcherla speaks of her daughter Gayithree’s neuro surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The hospital staff helped us a lot. We have not seen God but we feel that the doctors here are Gods. Money is not an issue here, the successful recovery of patients is their primary concern. Other corporate hospitals don’t treat patients without money, but that’s not the case here. Everyone is treated equally here — from a common man to a politician or a business person.

  • Mrs Khushbu Galaiya talks of her husband’s Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    There is a lot of difference between CARE Hospitals and other hospitals. At CARE hospitals, the management, neatness, cleanliness, staff, doctors and all the teams are very good as compared to other hospitals. It doesn't feel like we are in a hospital. It feels like a family, they treat us like family members, which I’ve never seen in any other hospital.

  • Mr Gurmeet Singh from Raipur speaks of his Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

    The way Dr Thomas and his team work is excellent and we don’t have to worry about anything. I was sure I would die. I am alive only because of Dr. Tom Cherian. Whoever needs to get operated upon, visit Dr Thomas; it is not necessary to visit other doctors. I suggest to others to get treatment in CARE Hospitals. It is the best in India.

  • Mr Ranjan Kumar Panda speaks about his Liver Transplant Surgery

    I am feeling much better after the transplant. Earlier I used to feel very sick, lousy and dull. I was never active. But now I feel a lot better and free. CARE Hospital's administration staff is very good, especially the nursing staff and paramedical staff of Vizag branch are very supportive. If anyone wants to get a transplant done, please come to CARE Hospitals. It is also economical for middle class families.

  • Mr Vulugonda Sreeram from Jadcherla speaks of his heart surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr Soma Raju visited me the day after surgery at 5 am. I was surprised by his dedication, his energy levels and simplicity. Today when I visit the hospital, I do not like to leave without greeting him. The staff in this hospital works with a service motto, just like Dr Soma Raju sir. The word ‘CARE’ in CARE hospitals is 100% justifiable.

  • Mr K S N Murthy on treatment for Adrenal Gland Cancer

    He (Dr. Cherian) is just like a friend. He is very friendly and always smiling. He reassures and instills confidence in us. This is a very good thing about him! I am 62 and was afraid about getting operated upon at this age. But because of the motivation I received from Dr. Cherian, I went ahead. Today I can testify that there is no need to fear. Even 65 or 66 year old people can get this surgery done without fear.

  • Mr Jitendra Popli speaks of his liver transplant surgery

    It's 40 days since the surgery was performed. There is no bloating of the stomach so far. Before surgery, my stomach would be filled with fluid every 5 days. I feel very good now. Earlier, I was not even able to talk like this for so long. All the doctors, paramedics and other staff were very cooperative and helped us a lot!

  • Mr C Chiranjeevi’s wife speaks of his liver transplantation surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

    My husband's condition improved a lot after the surgery. Before the surgery he was very sick and we were all afraid seeing his condition. But he recovered so much in just one month that we are all stunned. All this was possible only because of the support extended by Dr Tom Cherian. CARE Hospitals truly lives up to its name. It takes good care of people!

  • Mr Abraham from Nigeria speaks about his treatment on kidney infection at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr Saleem was the key person. I call him a genius! I appreciate him a lot because he has spoken to me and guided me. And by Gods grace, if I am able to follow their instructions, I won’t have any problem. I would like to thank all those who were involved from Eva Paul, doctors, nurses and the surgeons. For the few days that I stayed here, I see them as hospitable and caring. They love life! They don’t want anybody to die… CARE is a unique place and fantastic. Care is excellent!

  • Mr Rama Kanth (staff) speaks about his emergency & orthopedic care at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Considering my financial constraints, Dr Veda Prakash extended a lot of moral support and even assured to help me. They took my case personally. The CARE team and Dr B N Prasad had a discussion with my parents and took my case under Aarogyasri. The entire team helped with the procedures, the CMCO letter and all the documentation, without any hierarchical considerations.

  • Ms Neethu (staff) speaks of neuro treatment for seizures at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The hospital has supported me very well, both morally and financially. They worked very hard on my recovery. This is when I understood how much they care for an employee. Before joining I wondered how I would work in such a big hospital. But everybody supported me.

  • Ms Rama Devi (staff) speaks about her father’s stroke treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    My father had suffered a paralytic stroke, but everyone here treated us very well. Each and every person, from the doctor to the ward boy, took up the treatment as if it were their own responsibility. Receiving the patient is excellent here at CARE; you cannot see that anywhere else in Hyderabad. Employees here take their job as a responsibility.

  • Mr Leela Krishna (Staff) shares his father’s heart attack treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr Anuj Kapadia explained clearly about the treatment procedure and also helped me in availing of the employee subsidies at CARE. Post operation, he (my father) is doing well. He is able to go to work and also does all his personal work by himself. I am thankful to the entire CARE management for what they have done for my family and me.

  • Mr Prashanth talks about his fathers CABG & aortic valve replacement at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    It was an experience beyond words! Be it a doctor, physiotherapist or consultant from other specialties like Nephrology, Endocrinology, etc., everyone and everything is very systematic. The physiotherapist used to come every day and make him walk and climb stairs. My father thought walking itself was impossible but they even made him climb the stairs. My father is 66 now and my mother also underwent multiple surgeries. I have seen many hospitals and, compared to them, CARE is a very good hospital.

  • Mr Rajashekar speaks about his father's open skull surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr Nilesh supported us a lot since the surgery. We also appreciate Dr Ameer Basha’s involvement and all the moral support we received during the operation. CARE Hospitals is generally known for its cardiac services but we can vouch that even the Neurology Department is as good as the cardiac.

  • Mr Ankit Jain speaks of his brother's cardiac bentall procedure at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The Bentall procedure is very lengthy. It was a very critical surgery. Dr G Ramasubramanyam and his team worked hard for 17 hours for my brother's survival. They are no less than god for our family. Though all the doctors are eminent in their respective specializations, they coordinate and communicate clearly and are (mutually) supportive. Dr Soma Raju, Dr Ramasubramanyam, Dr Rajeev, Dr P C Gupta and the entire team members are exceptionally good.

  • Mr Chandrasekhar (staff), talks of the treatment for cardiac problems at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    One of my relatives had some health issue and was admitted to a corporate hospital. They exaggerated the problem and suggested implanting three stents and proposed an expensive treatment. Dr Soma Raju saw the reports and said this problem doesn’t require the proposed treatment. Here Dr Rajeev Menon gave just one tablet and asked him to use it regularly. This is enough to know what CARE Hospitals is. Be it from the job side, the medical facilities or any other aspect, we have "We Care" in our name itself.

  • Mr Md. Abdul Kaleem speaks about ECHS services for cardiac treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I am a retired Defence officer. Since the past 10 years, I have visited various hospitals. While comparing the treatment and facilities with the ECHS rates, I rate CARE Hospitals 10 on 10. Not just doctors, all the support services too — the attentive nurses, the cleaning staff, the security guards — all are very good. The motivation to serve the patient and the community is great.

  • Mr Md Yasar on his father Mr Jabbar’s bypass surgery treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    He was treated by Dr. Anuj Kapadia. He is a wonderful doctor who knows how to address the patient and his/her problems. Not only my father’s case but any sort of cardiac problem in my family and friends, I personally recommend CARE Hospitals for their service.

  • Ms Bharathi’s brother Mr Shoban Babu speaks about timely critical care for her at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    In other hospitals, without a deposit, they don’t admit a patient. But CARE Hospitals is different. Saving a patient's life is the utmost important thing. With our financial background, we could not imagine she could be treated here. I cannot stop appreciating CARE Hospitals for treating everybody equally without class differences. They made us feel comfortable and Dr. Somaraju gave us a lot of moral support.

  • Ms Umali from China on her experience on congenital heart surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr. Rao has given me wonderful treatment; my family members back home were very happy. Post operation, the nursing staff took good care of me; I still cannot believe that I have become normal so soon. I recovered much faster than I had thought. It is a perfect hospital and will take care of you.

  • Mr Ande Chukwuma Muottoh's experience on laser surgery for kidneys at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I came to CARE as I learnt that they use a laser to perform the surgery. When one is coming to India, getting a visa is easy with the help of CARE. I am so pleased with this hospital! I came back a few months ago to get some check-ups, because this is such a good hospital. I especially admire doctors like Dr Prasad Raju, he is a very good doctor. This hospital is like home

  • Mr Emmanuel Ejike Muottoh speaks on prostate enlargement treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I am deeply satisfied with my reception on arrival, as well as the treatment administered. I would especially like to mention the hospitality of the staff. All of them, from the nurses to the cleaners, do their job well. We never realized that Indians were so caring! The services are fantastic and I am thankful for the treatment we received

  • Mr Venu Gopal's experience on knee surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    From the first day I met him (Dr. Praveen Kumar Mereddy) I was impressed. He gave me wonderful treatment and I did not face any problems in the hospital. He takes a lot of care of the patient. Even during the discharge, I was informed how I should take care of myself. If required they were ready to provide a physiotherapist at home. It is the best hospital

  • Mr & Mrs Ekemwzie Patrick Ifenyi speak about pituitary tumour surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I don't know when the corporate objective of the company was formed, but I know that c-a-r-e is interwoven with the corporate objective of the company, the hospital that is called CARE....The whole team here is working towards the same objective to make sure that the people who come here are taken care of. And they do it every time.

  • Mr Dinesh experience on kidney transplantation surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I was the first patient to undergo a kidney transplant at CARE Hospitals (Banjara Hills). Ever since the surgery, I have not had any problems with my health. In fact, it is better than it was before the transplant. Even now at this age, I still maintain very good health, without any problem. My social life and my business life also haven't been affected. Here, at CARE Hospitals, they take special care of each and every patient. This gives them an edge over the other hospitals... They take care of you right from day one till the operation and treat you like their own family member. In fact, Dr. Chakravarthi always told me not to think that I am a patient and insisted that I think of myself as a healthy person.

  • Mr Beedajalla Nazeem speaks about his son's treatment for heart disease at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    My son Nayeem Farhan had been suffering from a heart disorder for the past 3 to 4 years. After coming here I have to agree that Dr Narsimhan is probably the best in India and one of the best in the world. The doctors here are excellent at their work and are also great people. The nurses are excellent as well. Undoubtedly, it is the doctors' expertise coupled with the politeness of the nurses and the hygienic ambience that makes CARE superior to other hospitals.

  • Mr Suresh Babu speaks about his kidney transplant surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Dr. Ramaraju assured me that nothing would happen to me (during kidney transplant surgery). He said, "You will live an excellent life! Don't worry about it. We give you a guarantee." That kind of assurance matters to help a man come forward to undergo an operation. Professional hospitals want to make money and squeeze you; the doctors have less time now. But here I can see a kind of attachment. Whenever I come here, I feel like I have come to my own house, because this is my second birth.

  • Mrs Razia Begum's experience on kidney failure treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Here, all the doctors and their entire team are very good. The hospital is also really good and well maintained. The sisters, brothers and all the paramedical staff are good. They have taken such good care of my son that I am grateful to them. The care they have taken, probably even I wouldn't be able to do so much.

  • Maintenance of the ward was very good. Doctors, nurses took very good responsibility as if it were their own. Everything was impressive.

    Mr Manideep, Hyderabad

  • Special thanks to Dr Sangeeta Jha who detected the problem of my mother and also special thanks to all doctors and nurses who supported her.

    Ms Farzana Begum, Hyderabad

  • Nurses are very sweet and caring. Doctors are friendly. Especially Dr Mehmood (physiotherapist) really motivated and inspired me a lot.

    Ms D Aruna Paul, Hyderabad

  • I profoundly thank Dr. Sunil Kapoor, Dr. Rajeev Menon, Dr. Anuj Kapadia, Dr. Kritik and Dr. Sharat for giving me a second life. I was impressed with the great teamwork you have built up to bring CARE Banjara to this stage. Everyone cared for me extremely well and I am thankful to all your staff. I have started walking slowly 15 meters a day and hope to start seeing patients in a couple of days. Once I start working I will come and personally thank all of you. God bless you & your dedicated team.

    Mr C H Umeshchandra, Hyderabad

  • I have undergone bypass surgery in your hospital in 2012.Thanks to your great help, I have successfully completed the Wall Street Run & Heart Walk. Here is the link. This was made possible because of my wife and children and great help from you. Thanks again!

    Mr Thiru Praturi, USA

  • Dr. Anuj Kapadiya is a noble doctor with utmost dedication and service. He is great humanist and has simplicity and rapport with the patient. Overall, he is a supreme human soul, not only as a doctor but also a person. I am blessed to come across such a doctor. Hospital service is wonderful and caring, humanitarian in approach. They are very good at heart and sincere in service. 

    Mr C Gangadhar, Hyderabad

  • Our mother Mrs. T. Yamuna Devi, aged 68 years, was admitted at CARE Banjara for an Emergency Cardiac Problem (ACS – LVF – ADHF) on 16 Jan 2014. She was discharged on 3 March 2014. During this period she was under the care of Dr. Anuj Kapadiya. We thank Dr. Anuj Kapadiya for his outstanding performance. The 47 days stay at CARE Banjara was never a waste. He and his team (Anuj & Teja) were polite, patient, professional, perfect & properly diagnosed her illness and gave second life to our mother with the right medication.

    Mr T Sanjay Kumar (Son) and Ms Jyothi Madhavi (Daughter), Secunderabad

  • My heartiest and sincere congratulations for the near miracle operation performed by you on the baby girl of Aunradha by connecting her blood supply from her liver to her heart! Yes, the latest technology, but the human factor and skill is very important always! Once again congrats to the whole team and CARE Hospitals for saving a life and caring for an ordinary couple! God bless you all from my husband and self.

    Ms Salma Bala, Hyderabad

  • This is regarding my father Mr C D Gokulachandran's admission at CARE Hospitals last week. We were very worried about which hospital to take him in the middle of the night. That day ambulances were scarce but somehow we reached CARE Banjara. No regrets! Right from the security to the doctors, we had a fantastic experience. I will be insulting the doctors if I say they were good. Nothing less is expected from them. But I was really impressed by the nursing staff. Amazing group in ICU and floor 6! The ward boys are well trained and were of immense help. I am really grateful to Mr Chourey, Mr Mansoor and the floor administrator Mrs Sridevi. We were given due respect as doctors and patient attender both. I have been practising in Chennai for over 12 years in various organisations but felt a lacuna at times. But I have to say I cannot point out any at CARE. We did not even have to use any contact (person) as things were really taken care of at the hospital.

    Dr Shreevidya Venkatraman, Consultant Physician/Diabetologist, Hyderabad

  • I was admitted in the hospital emergency with severe abdominal pain. I came alone to the hospital without an attendant, but I felt like I had come to my home. The staff took care of me well… it was around 6 am. I didn't even know how 3 hours passed in the hospital. I left for home smiling, without any pain. I thank everyone...special thanks from the bottom of my heart to MD & Chairman Dr. Soma Raju garu. Irrespective of my small position in the hospital and even though I am an ex-employee, he came and enquired about my condition. I felt so happy, I could not express in words...CARE has taken care of me in my helpless situation... I miss CARE Hospital.

    Dr Symphony, Hyderabad

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