Patient Experiences

  • Mr Mukhseth speaks on the best treatment with advanced technology at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    We had heard about the good facilities that this hospital has but after coming here, we saw them personally. This hospital uses very advanced technology for diagnostic purposes. Doctors are around whenever the patient needs them and, in their absence, duty doctors are available round the clock. We have had a good experience with CARE Hospitals.

  • Mr Naresh speaks about best treatment for paralysis attack at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    They have taken really good care of my father. CARE Hospitals is a wonderful hospital. I can say this from my previous experience too. It's been 8 years since we have been coming to CARE Hospitals. It is well equipped with all in-house diagnostic facilities. The excellent nursing staff takes care of the patient like a family member. Once a patient comes to CARE Hospitals not only does he get cured of his ailments, he leaves as a more active individual.

  • Ms Asma speaks about her aunt's diabetic treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The treatment here was very affordable and Dr. Hari Radhakrishna and his team of doctors gave wonderful treatment. It is only because of their efforts and treatment that my aunt recovered so quickly. Doctors are always on their toes and are available whenever the patients need them.

  • Ms G Vijaya Sheela shares her experience on knee replacement surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    For 15 years, I suffered from arthritis and knee pain in both my knees. I could not even perform my daily activities or walk without support. I became bedridden. Dr P Joshua advised me to undergo knee replacement surgery. Now I am able to walk properly without any pain. I have never seen a hint of irritation on anyone’s face —day shift or night shift nursing staff. They always have a pleasant smile, working with complete dedication, thus becoming an embodiment of “care”.

  • Ms K Sarojini Devi's experience on lung infection treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Our faith in CARE Hospitals keeps us motivated and confident. It’s been 20 years since we have been coming to this hospital and we are willing to come here for the next 20 years too! The nursing staff always has a pleasant smile. Seeing their dedication to work my mother calls them grand-daughters of Mother Teresa! The doctors are very open and discuss everything directly with the patient. All these small details not only motivate the patient, but also make the attendants tension free. 

  • Mr Balkar Singh's experience on laminectomy surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I had a weakness in my lower limbs and faced a lot of difficulty while walking. In a few positions, I couldn’t even bear my own body weight. I was impressed by the treatment procedures and the hospital charges here; they were far better than hospitals in North India. Post operation, all my complications have reduced and I feel I will become normal and walk like before. The doctors and the nursing staff have taken care of me very well during the stay. It is only because of their efforts that I could recover so fast.

  • Mr Aved Mohammed's experience on cardiac pacemaker implantation at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I have been suffering from cardiac problems for some time. I tried many hospitals but the results were not satisfactory. After getting admitted here, I was taken care of very well by the team of doctors. They successfully implanted the pacemaker. The post-operative care was also extremely good; not only from the medical aspect but also from the humanitarian aspect. Though the place was new to me I never felt alienated. People across the world have recognized CARE’s services and patients come from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, etc.

  • Ms Shakti Rastogi speaks about her heart bypass surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    Everyone responds well to your needs at the time of crisis; people from each specialization perform their duty flawlessly…There is a human touch in the treatment.

  • Mr Marri Buchaiyya speaks about his father's leg surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    We had lost all hope but Dr. Sastry made it possible — from 1% chance of survival of the patient to a healthy person. Since then all of us trust CARE…All the facilities and services have improved multiple times as compared to 2006.

  • Mr Sunil shares his grandfather's treatment for urinary infection at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    We've been coming to CARE (Nampally, Hyderabad) for over 15 years. CARE has excellent facilities and services; the doctors and staff are well trained and a lot of the treatments available here are not available in other hospitals. People here care for the patients; they are ready to serve at any time and without the slightest delay. It's been nearly 20 years since we have been associated with CARE. My grandmother, grandfather and, generally, all family members have been treated here. It is our experience that retains our faith in CARE.

  • Mr Kistayya shares his experience on health care services at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The doctor's words instilled confidence in me. Before undergoing treatment here I had lost all hope but after coming to CARE (Nampally, Hyderabad), I am confident that hereafter I can lead a normal life. Earlier, I was under the impression that being a corporate hospital CARE would charge extremely high rates. Many other corporate hospitals do not adhere to the rules, despite our having an Aarogyasri card. CARE, however, is an exception and we were not charged a huge amount. I admire CARE for following the government policy and benefiting the common man.

  • Mr Ahmed Ali Khan speaks about his heart attack treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    I had a heart attack for which I was admitted here through the Aarogyasri health scheme. The doctors and the nursing staff are very kind to each and every patient here. I received excellent treatment and did not face any problems. They treated me like a child, served me like they would their own parent….CARE Hospitals is the best hospital in Hyderabad.

  • Mr B Mallesham speaks about his hip joint surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The doctors here treat all their patients equally — without class or religious differences. Everyone is an example of an ideal doctor. Without giving any trouble to the patient, they give complete care. Not only the doctors, but the entire staff of CARE works dedicatedly and gives 100% to the patient’s recovery.

  • Mr G Ravi speaks about his neuro treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    CARE Hospitals (Nampally, Hyderabad) holds a special place in my life. The staff and doctors work as a team and all of them are experts in their field. They are punctual and are always ready to serve the needs of the patients. They are so prompt and proactive in giving medicine that patients don't even need to ask for it.

  • Mr Santosh speaks of his father's peritoneal dialysis treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    He has been undergoing dialysis at CARE Hospitals (Nampally, Hyderabad) for the last 2 years. In other hospitals it is hard to get even a few minutes with a doctor but Dr. Ravi would always make time to talk to us and explain the status of the patient and his treatment. The doctors were always on call and the nurses were very professional. They took care of the patients even in the absence of attendants. The facilities and services are superior to other hospitals and financially it's very affordable for the common man.

  • Mr Muthyalu talks about his wife Mrs Lavanya paralysis treatment at Care Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The service at CARE is totally different. As soon as we entered, they took my wife to the emergency ward. The doctors did their best and my wife recovered despite her critical condition on arrival. The sisters treated us like their own family and took care of her food, hygiene and medicine through her entire stay. The service they have provided to us is unforgettable. Other hospitals should learn from them what service should be provided to patients and their families.

  • Mr Sai Kumar speaks about blood clot in brain treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    The doctor gave me regular updates about the treatment, explained everything about my Dad's condition and gave me a lot of confidence….I think if we admit our dear one in this hospital, then our presence is not even required. It is handled so efficiently by the paramedical and medical staff here.

  • Mrs Jinta (in-charge) has a very kind, humane and compassionate approach towards patients. Suchi, II floor nurse, is a very dedicated and dutiful girl.

    Ms Sana Firasat, Hyderabad

  • I am very happy and fortunate that my father was admitted to one of the best hospitals under a well qualified physician. CARE Hospitals justifies the name by taking "CARE". Thanks a ton to everyone. 

    Mr Anand Babu, Hyderabad

  • We thank all ER, ICCU, PCW (206), nursing, staff, doctors, specially Dr B K Shastri & Dr Praveen, Shainavaaz and housing staff and security staff. The quality of care is excellent.

    Ms Angelina Pillay (patient Ms Theresa Pillay), Hyderabad

  • According to me CARE is the best hospital. I congratulate the management and medical staff for the quality and noble service. Keep it up!

    Mr Iftikhar Hussain Javeed, H/o patient Ms Shaista Parveen, Hyderabad

  • The hospitality from each and every department of your hospital was extremely good. Satisfied with your care and loving nature.

    Mr M Prabhu Deva, S/o patient Mr M Shedrak, Hyderabad

  • The nurses are very good. Sister Subi, Sandhya, Swarupa and Swati are very friendly and always available.

    Ms Rajeshwari Tiwari, Hyderabad

  • Thank you for your services, especially Dr Govardhan garu and other doctors and nurses. We are very satisfied with your services.

    Mr A Timothy, Hyderabad

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