Patient Experiences

  • Mr Peetambar Nanda speaks about his inguinal hernia surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

    Dr. Kameshwara Rao instilled confidence in me….I am very happy about the way I was treated by all the staff members, all are very helpful and cooperative. Whenever there is a need, they are always available. They maintain hygiene and cleanliness. I got very good treatment here, so I will always advise others to get treated here.

  • Mr T Appa Rao speaks about advanced neuro treatment of his son at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

    It’s only because of Dr. Mohan and his treatment at CARE Hospital that my son’s recovery has been so successful. For nearly a year I searched for a suitable hospital and I finally found it at CARE. For me Dr. Mohan is no less than god. He is a wonderful doctor, capable of saving a patient’s life, even when all hope seems lost. This is a hospital where a patient’s life is given the utmost importance, as against the revenue gained

  • Mr Sunil Kumar Mahakund speaks about his hand reattachment surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

    When I had the accident (both hands were cut off) I thought I would never have my hands back. But now I have my hands back and can do all my work. The doctor said I would be able to drive after 6-7 months. Dr. R. K. Prasad is like God for me, because he gave me my hands back!

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