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Mr. G. Bhoopal

Heart diseases can be serious but with the right techniques & treatments, they can be tackled.
Dr. Gulla Surya Prakash (Consultant Senior Cardiologist, CARE Hospitals-Musheerabad) shares his experience with a patient who was treated via Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). It’s a minimally invasive procedure to replace an aortic valve & a preferred alternative to surgical procedures in heart complications.

Mrs Anitha

This hospital, really they have taken care of me. CARE name is synonymous with success. From brothers, sisters, everyone is so friendly and helpful that I cherish their service. I never felt that we were in a hospital. We became like their family members. The doctors and sisters, brothers, technicians… I miss them as I no longer come for dialysis. But whenever I visit the Outpatient Department, I definitely meet them.