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Mr. Mani Hassan Ali

Mr. Mani Hassan Ali was admitted to CARE Hospital – Hyderabad with Intestinal obstruction and morbid obesity. Under the care of Dr. Krishnamohan Y and his team, after having examined, decided to treat for both, the obstruction and the morbid obesity.
This complicated procedure was successfully handled by the able team of doctors. We wish Mr. Ali a speedy recovery and good health in the future.


Baby Roya Rahimi, 16 months old was born blue with many defects in her heart including a hole and a valve deformity. Dr. Zeena Makhija explains how the expert team operated the baby with a single stage surgery. Congenital Heart Diseases are repaired with good results and outcomes at CARE Hospitals. Her father feels grateful to the doctors and the team who assisted him throughout the procedure. #WeCare

Taeritta Leoforay

Taeritta Leoforay was diagnosed with lung cancer in Sudan and she was assisted by a team of experts at CARE Hospitals for her Thoracic surgery. Dr. Arun Kanala treated her cancer with minimal surgery followed by a bigger surgery called VATS Lobectomy. She feels extremely grateful and is very happy with her treatment and recovery under the guidance of Dr. Kanala and his team. #WeCare

Hari Venkatramana

Hari Venkataramana Talks About His Father-in-law’s Situation of Parkinson’s Disease. He Was Having Difficulty in Leading a Normal Life for the Past 18 Years. Dr. Syed Ameer Basha, a Consultant Neurosurgeon Explains How Deep Brain Stimulation (Dbs) Surgery Helped Him Live a Quality Life With Positive Results and Reduced Side Effects. Mr. Hari Feels Thankful to the Expert Team at Care Hospitals for Guiding Them Through Every Step. #wecare

Mr Sai Kumar

The doctor gave me regular updates about the treatment, explained everything about my Dad’s condition and gave me a lot of confidence….I think if we admit our dear one in this hospital, then our presence is not even required. It is handled so efficiently by the paramedical and medical staff here.

Mrs Anitha

This hospital, really they have taken care of me. CARE name is synonymous with success. From brothers, sisters, everyone is so friendly and helpful that I cherish their service. I never felt that we were in a hospital. We became like their family members. The doctors and sisters, brothers, technicians… I miss them as I no longer come for dialysis. But whenever I visit the Outpatient Department, I definitely meet them.