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Mr. G. Bhoopal

Heart diseases can be serious but with the right techniques & treatments, they can be tackled.
Dr. Gulla Surya Prakash (Consultant Senior Cardiologist, CARE Hospitals-Musheerabad) shares his experience with a patient who was treated via Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). It’s a minimally invasive procedure to replace an aortic valve & a preferred alternative to surgical procedures in heart complications.


Baby Roya Rahimi, 16 months old was born blue with many defects in her heart including a hole and a valve deformity. Dr. Zeena Makhija explains how the expert team operated the baby with a single stage surgery. Congenital Heart Diseases are repaired with good results and outcomes at CARE Hospitals. Her father feels grateful to the doctors and the team who assisted him throughout the procedure. #WeCare

Taeritta Leoforay

Taeritta Leoforay was diagnosed with lung cancer in Sudan and she was assisted by a team of experts at CARE Hospitals for her Thoracic surgery. Dr. Arun Kanala treated her cancer with minimal surgery followed by a bigger surgery called VATS Lobectomy. She feels extremely grateful and is very happy with her treatment and recovery under the guidance of Dr. Kanala and his team. #WeCare

Dr Ghulam Mustafa

Mr. Aravind Jain

Mr L Adinarayana