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Ms. Sunitha

Ms. Sunitha found a tumor in the shape of a small boil on the bottom of her right breast. On noticing this, her husband, Rajesh, rushed her to CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad, for immediate medical attention.

Sunitha consultant Dr. Sudha Sinha, Senior Consultant Medical Oncology, and underwent various screenings, after which she was confirmed to have breast cancer. After intensive treatment involving radiation, chemotherapy, and surgeries, Sunitha recovered successfully.

Rajesh (The patient’s Husband) is grateful to see his wife recover well and attributes the success to Dr. Sudha, the nursing staff, housekeeping staff, administration, and everyone involved in the recovery process.

Mr. Pradeep Dhurve

I did not face any problem here. In fact, I felt I was at home rather than in a hospital. It’s been a year since I got operated and I get the same care and response from everyone even today when I visit for my check-up — from the ward boy to the doctors. I am thankful to the doctor for saving my life. My family and friends were very skeptical about my recovery but, thanks to the doctor and staff, I’m fine now.

Sai Nadh

Sai Nadh, a 20-year-old B. Tech student was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. What started as an orthopedic consultation for the pain he felt in his back led doctors to find out that he had cancer.

On hearing the news, his family was extremely worried for him. Sai Nadh approached CARE Hospitals for treatment, where he was taken care of by Dr. Deepak Koppaka, the Consultant Medical Oncologist at CARE Hospitals.

Following weeks and months of comprehensive cancer care by specialists at Hyderabad, Sai Nadh was able to get back to normal life, He is grateful to have received wonderful treatment that gave him a ‘second life.

Ms Aarthi Avinash

Mr & Mrs Ekemwzie Patrick