Body Contouring Surgery

Also known as liposuction, body contouring surgery is the process of removing excess fat from the body to improve proportions and appearance. Plastic surgeons at body contouring surgery hospitals typically perform the surgery. The surgery has been commonly advised to remove excessive fat from the cheeks, breasts, abdomen, hips, knees, calves, thigs, upper arms, under the chin, buttocks and other areas.
However, liposuction is not without complications and involves a painful recovery phase. Our team of plastic surgeons give the best advice before you decide to get a surgery. The types include:
– Fluid Injection (Tumescent Liposuction) – a large injection of medicated solution is injected in the area to be treated.
– Super-wet technique – The liquid injected is equal to the fat to be removed
– UAL (Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction) – ultrasonic vibrations are used to transform the fat into cells, which is later vacuumed out
– LAL (Laser-assisted Liposuction) – the fat cells are liquefied using a laser, which are later vacuumed or drained

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