Spine Surgery

The department of spine surgery at the CARE Hospital is one of the topmost centers in the country. The department has a team of highly experienced and well-qualified spine surgeons who are trained in performing major and complex spine surgeries. CARE Hospital is one of the best institutions for spine surgery. The spine surgery department at the CARE Hospital has a team of spine specialists that have expertise in the treatment of spinal disorders, deformities, cancers. They work in conjunction with the other specialists for pain management and reducing the discomfort of the patients. The doctors use minimally invasive techniques such as minimally invasive and robotic surgeries that help in the quick recovery of the patients. The hospital provides a wide range of management options for treating back pain and other spinal disorders. They listen to the patients diligently and based on a complete evaluation from the diagnostic tests and other procedures that make a comprehensive treatment plan for every patient depending on the individual needs of the patient. 

The department is well known for performing lumbar disc replacement and several other cervical spine surgeries successfully. The department is also known to perform complex deformity surgeries and revision spine surgery. The hospital is known to introduce 3rd generation spinal implants in the country. The center offers treatments from non-surgical to surgical treatments. The team develops a patient-centric treatment plan for helping patients return to their normal lifestyles. The center provides comprehensive care to every patient by using a multidisciplinary approach, modern technology, and state-of-the-art equipment. If you are facing any problem related to joints, muscles, and bones, you can schedule an appointment today at the CARE Hospital.


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