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Best Neurosurgery Hospital in Raipur

Neurosurgery is a surgical speciality of the Neurology Department at Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals. This speciality investigates, diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous systems using invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals is the best neurosurgery hospital in Raipur and has some of the most accomplished and experienced neurosurgeons. They are well-skilled and can treat a wide range of neurological issues. The institution combines experienced medical professionals with advanced technology, innovative treatment choices, and excellent patient-focused care to give the best results with a high rate of success. 

Our hospital has achieved substantial improvements in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of brain tumours, movement problems, epilepsy, head and spinal traumas, and stroke. We at CARE Hospitals are always striving for the highest level of treatment quality and have attracted skilled specialists to give customised care and innovative solutions to neurological disorders of various levels of complexity.

The department strives for excellence in neurosurgical care by using evidence-based medicine and treating patients in accordance with international norms. Patients are kept completely informed throughout their therapy, and our doctors provide total support and empathy.

Why Choose Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals?

Head to Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals to avail of world-class treatment for the following ailments,

For Epilepsy

  • Epilepsy clinic where patients receive proper medication, consultation, counselling, and educational materials.
  • Seizure treatment is offered round the clock by neurologists.
  • Women with epilepsy may benefit from genetic counselling, marriage therapy, and pregnancy counselling.
  • Pre-surgical evaluation video EFH for epilepsy surgery.


  • Intravenous and mechanical thrombectomy treatment for acute strokes within 4-5 hours after the onset of stroke.
  • To address stroke emergencies and their consequences for better results, there is a dedicated neuro-intensive care unit.
  • Affordable stroke preventive programmes that identify risk factors and guard against brain strokes.
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke using speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

Movement Disorders

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of several movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease and dystonia.
  • Botulinum Toxin (Botox) therapy for spasticity, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, writer's cramp, and other conditions.
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery is used to treat Parkinson's disease, tremors, and dystonia.

Our Specialities

  • Head Injury - The Institute of Neurosciences at CARE Hospitals provides 24*7 emergency services, providing patients with specialised and optimum care, consultation, and counselling. Teams of specialists experts in neurology, orthopaedics, and Facio-maxillary services, as well as plastic general surgeons and neurosurgeons, are available all the time.
  • Comprehensive Epilepsy Program - The Institute of Neurosciences at Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals offers patients with the most difficult-to-control seizures personalised treatment strategies and comprehensive programmes. The institution also offers comprehensive epilepsy surgery programmes for adults and children. Patients with epilepsy, including those who are candidates for neurosurgery, are treated by a multidisciplinary team of neurologists and certified nurses.
  • Spinal Disorder - The Institute of Neurosciences is famous for its expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal illnesses such as myelitis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, and spinal malignancies. Spinal imaging, Interventional Neuroradiology, Electrophysiological testing, and surgery are all performed using the most sophisticated techniques available.
  • Rehabilitation Centre - The Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals Rehabilitation Centre offers solutions for training or retraining brain pathways in order to restore or improve neuro-cognitive performance that has been compromised by disease or traumatic damage.
  • Neuro-Radiology - Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals' neuro-radiology services include performing and interpreting modern neuro-imaging examinations for the fast and accurate diagnosis of neurological illnesses. Our interventional radiology clinic offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using minimally invasive methods and image guidance.

Procedures Performed at Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals

The Neurosurgery department at RKCH offers world-class, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary care for brain and spine problems. Various common and complex surgeries/procedures are done on a regular basis with outstanding results.

Procedures performed at our hospital are,

  • General image-guided diagnostic procedures, including tiny needle aspiration and biopsy, biological fluid aspiration, fluid collection drainage, and drainage catheter insertion.
  • Non-vascular interventional procedures, diagnostic angiography, and neuro angiography
  • Emergency embolization treatments for uncontrollable gastrointestinal and urinary tract bleeding, menorrhagia, hemoptysis, and epistaxis.
  • Peripheral thrombolysis.
  • IVC filter placement, IVC dilatation, and stenting.
  • Intracranial thrombolysis in acute stroke.
  • Preoperative and final embolization for tumours, transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), uterine fibroids (UFE), peripheral vascular malformations, and pulmonary arteriovenous malformations are all examples of embolization treatments.
  • Spinal procedures such as image-guided Facet Joint Injection, discography, and percutaneous vertebroplasty.
  • Coil Embolization of Intracranial Aneurysms
  • Embolization of craniofacial tumours and arteriovenous malformations, as well as intracranial abnormalities such as carotid-cavernous fistulae and dural AV malformations.

Advanced Technology at Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals

  • Ultrasound scans with Color Doppler
  • Operating Microscope
  • Dedicated and experienced neurologists and support staff
  • State-of-the-art Lab Services
  • Neuro Operating Table
  • Dedicated Neuro-Intensive Care Unit
  • Neuro Navigation

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