Pharmacy / Dispensary

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Pharmacy / Dispensary

Pharmacy Services in Raipur

The pharmacy at Ramakrishna CARE Hospital is conveniently located on the campus of the hospital and provides services 24/7.

All your medicinal needs are taken care of by our experienced staff at our pharmacy.

Right from rare drugs to surgical and medical consumables, everything is available at our pharmacy.

Stringent quality control ensures that all drugs are stored as per standard.

We maintain sufficient inventory so that all necessary drugs are available at all times, which are authentic.

Our pharmacy services in Raipur are run only by experienced registered pharmacists.

Services Available Round the Clock

  • Outpatient Pharmacy: The pharmacy is located on the ground floor for OPD patients.
  • OP pharmacy is open 24 hours.
  • Contact no 0771-3003363
  • Inpatient pharmacy: It is located on the ground floor, and provides direct services to all our inpatients.

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+91-771 6759 898