Fertility Clinic

Fertility Clinic

The department performs female infertility evaluation that includes hormone analysis, follicular monitoring, HSG and Hystero-Laparoscopy. Male infertility evaluation that includes hormone analysis and erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction assessment is also performed here.

The department offers several female infertility treatments like IVI, IVF, oocyte / embryo freezing, blastocyst culture, eggs / embryo donation, and surrogacy and boasts great success rates with the same. Some of the male infertility treatments include ICSI, sperm freezing, TESA, TESE, and Micro TESE.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

CARE CHL fertility clinic is the only comprehensive facility in the vicinity that offers evaluation and treatment for both male and female partners. All facilities are available under one trusted roof of CARE CHL Hospital preventing patients from moving from one medical facility to another for such sensitive treatments. To ensure effective and accurate treatment, we use the following scientific equipment,

  • Eppendorf micromanipulator for ICSI
  • Olympus phase contrast, stereo zoom and inverted microscopes for visualization during IVF/ICSI
  • Stem cell and Minc incubator for culture and embryos
  • Laminar flow tables for the environment.

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