Centre for Physiotherapy

Centre for Physiotherapy

The major focus of our Physiotherapy Department is to provide highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs for both in-patients and out-patients with a strong belief that just survival without enjoying one’s life is not enough.

The core practices we use to reduce pain are electrotherapy modalities, removing positional faults and improving biomechanics. Similarly, prosthesis prescriptions are used along with the proper implementation of adaptive strategies to improve the functional modality of our patients' Orthosis. Each of our patients is given a strengthening exercise schedule (theraband, dumbbells, weights) tailor-made per the need. Lifestyle modification, ergonomic advice, weight reduction & fitness improvement techniques are always packaged in with our treatments.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

The department organizes free Physiotherapy camps periodically in the hospital, a community welfare initiative. Apart from that, we use the following equipment, 

  • McKenzie therapy for reduction of neck pain and low back pain
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Latest physiotherapy modalities
  • Dedicated neuro-rehabilitation setup
  • Geriatric care and care for vulnerable group patients
  • Pre and post-natal physiotherapy.

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