Centre for Neurosciences

Centre for Neurosciences

The Department of Neurology at CARE CHL, Indore provides treatment for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Epilepsy, Wilson Disease, Diagnosis and treatment of paralytic disorders, sleep disorders, multidisciplinary assessment and management of multiple sclerosis, headaches and issues that arise from other forms of brain injuries.

Surgeries that our doctors at the department have mastered include Skull base surgery, adult and paediatric endoscopic neurosurgery, paediatric brain tumours and hydrocephalus, Vascular/Endovascular Neurosurgery, Minimally invasive spinal surgery, and Neuro-oncology.

The department is staffed with a leading panel of surgeons, doctors, and nursing staff who offer cutting-edge diagnoses using the latest neuroimaging techniques.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

Choose us because we know how to handle complex cranial cases. Our team of highly trained and experienced Neurosurgeons not only knows how to provide non-invasive treatment but also knows how to perform minimally invasive endoscopic neurosurgery. Apart from that, our experts treat other complex procedures like Brain tumours, Craniovertebral Junction Abnormalities, Pituitary Tumors, Cerebral Aneurysms and AVM, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery, Spine Tumors, Spinal Dysraphism, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Tumors. To ensure that you receive world-class treatment, we have brought in the following equipment,

  • Neuronavigation
  • CUSA
  • Neuro endoscope
  • Frameless stereotaxy
  • 128 channel Intraoperative EEG, EMG.

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