Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

Cancer care is complex, prolonged and intense, not only for the patient but for the physicians as well. What it requires is concerted, coordinated and precise planning to derive the best outcomes. The surgical oncology team at CARE CHL Hospitals is well-known for its performance in all kinds of complex onco-surgery procedures including abdominal cancer. 

We perform conservative onco-surgery for carcinoma breast, urological cancer, as well as gynae-cancer, head & neck cancer and complex thoracic (Lung / Food pipe) cancer surgeries with mini-thoracotomy (small incision). The facility also offers a multimodality tumour board. Our centre has also been recognized as the pioneer in central India to start the peritoneal surface malignancy program & HIPEC and has now successfully performed many complex procedures.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

The destination for oncoplastic breast cancer surgeries, conservative laryngeal surgeries, thoracic tumour resections, the maximum number of submental flaps for head & neck reconstruction and HIPEC procedures for advanced abdominal cancer should only be CARE CHL. Following are the facts that make us the best,

  • We utilize case-appropriate energy devices during surgeries. It may include bipolar scissors for lymphadenectomy near initial structures like blood vessels and nerves, minimizing damage to these structures.
  • HIPEC machine, which is only used in our centre throughout the country, for complex cytoreductive surgeries, targeting microscopic disease.
  • Minithoracotomy and light-assisted lung and food pipe surgery procedures are performed here to help reduce pain post-operatively.

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