Know Your Hospital

Know your hospital

We understand that coming into a hospital as an inpatient or a day care patient can be an unsettling experience.

There are few things you can do before you arrive at the hospital which will make your admission smooth and stress free:

1. CARE CHL Patient Guide

This guide forms part of the terms and conditions of admission. This document also clearly details the terms and conditions applicable to insured and self-funding patients.

2. Mediclaim/Insured Patient - Pre-Authorization

It is important to check for any exclusion or benefit limits before commencement of treatment. Most private medical insurance companies now require claims to be authorized before a patient may be treated at a private hospital. If confirmation of cover cannot be obtained by the time of admission / registration, you will be treated as self funding (if not conveyed to the mediclaim department within 24 hours of admission) and asked to pay a deposit or settle the account in full and claim back from your insurer. Exclusions may be due to your previous medical condition or to a general exclusion within your policy, for example: pregnancies following assisted conception treatment.

In case of emergency, after you get admitted you are supposed to deposit all documents at Mediclaim counter (within 24 hrs. of your hospitalization).

3. Fasting

You may need to fast or stop eating and drinking before your operation or procedure; please discuss this with your Consultant a day prior to your admission.

4. Medication

You will need to bring along with you any medication that you are taking, to ensure that the medication does not interfere with the treatment you receive and so that the clinical team can compile an accurate record of the medication you are taking.

We require you to bring in:

  • Any medicine that you are taking prescribed by your doctor.
  • Any written instructions supplied by your doctor such as a repeat prescription form or a letter.

5. Valuables

We advise that valuables are not brought into the hospital wherever possible. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss. Please do not bring the following items with you : Valuables, Large sums of Cash, Jewellery, Cheque Books, Credit or Debit cards (the Hospital will not assume any liability for these).

6. Parking

Parking is limited at CARE CHL Hospitals, you can use the front parking area facing the main building, where the security guards will be there to help you. CARE CHL Hospitals is not liable for any damage to the vehicle or theft be it parked inside or outside

7. On Your Arrival

On your arrival, either for planned admissions or in emergency, you first need to contact the Emergency Department, where a team of doctors are available round the clock. From there, you will be directed to the room or to the admission office. The patient registration guide contains details on what information you will need to know before you can go to your room.

Please ensure you arrive at the time indicated by your consultant, to avoid any unnecessary delays.

8. Clinical Admission

Soon after your arrival in your room or day care area a nurse will come to admit you. If you have already undergone pre-assessment the nurse will go through some of the details to confirm your current fitness and readiness for admission. If you have not been pre-assessed the nurse will carry out a comprehensive nursing assessment or a series of pre-operative tests, taking a concise medical and social history with a number of routine measurements.

9. Your Accommodation

The patient's rooms with single occupancy, or double rooms with direct-dial telephone, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom. Every room contains a copy of the Patient Welcome Guide which describes the full range of inpatient services available in the Hospital in more detail.

10. Pharmacy

24 hours pharmacy services are available & situated at the ground floor.

11. Cafeteria

For patients, every meal would be provided from hospital cafeteria. For patient's attendants no food will be allowed in the room. For them Cafeteria is situated on first floor, outside left side as you leave the main reception.