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One of the most common mosquito-borne diseases, dengue is an enervating, painful viral infection. Caused by a virus transmitted by female Aedes mosquito, it results in flu-like symptoms. Since the symptoms of ailments like malaria, leptospirosis and typhoid fever resemble that of dengue, diagnosis becomes a little difficult. Mostly occurring in the tropical and sub-tropical…more

Anxiety, in general, is a normal emotion but it can have varying effects on a person’s mental health if he/she is experiencing it inexplicably. Anxiety disorders are, however, not uncommon. From extreme nervousness to unexplained apprehensions, anxiety disorders bring with it a multitude of symptoms which often lead to physical complications as well. While the…more

We live in a world where heart health is increasingly becoming important. To stay healthy and active we need to understand the basics of heart health and read our blood reports with some level of understanding. While we regularly discuss our blood cholesterol levels, we do not know what it is exactly or what types…more

It goes without saying that your heart is the key organ of your body and just like any other body part, it requires good care. Responsible for circulating life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, it also helps eliminate wastes. Without a doubt, the base of a strong body lies in a strong heart. To…more