First Aid: How to Deal with a Heart Attack | Dr. Gulla Surya Prakash | CARE Hospitals

Dr. Gulla Surya Prakash, Consultant Cardiologist, explains what first-aid should be done when someone around you is experiencing a heart attack. He also discusses what measures can be taken when the person has a pulse or no pulse. He emphasizes the importance of seeking medical attention as quickly as possible in such cases for better prognosis. Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated on the 29th of September. This day was first announced by the World Heart Federation to make people around the world aware of cardiovascular diseases and heart health. With the global campaign for World Health Day, we should aim to bring people together in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and encourage them to follow heart-healthy practices. Your heart is an important part of your body. This Heart Day, choose to take care of your heart by following the keys to a heart healthy diet as given in the above video! #CAREHospitals #listentoyourheart #WorldHeartDay #HeartHealthforAll #Heart #cardiovascularhealth To know more visit our website: https://www.carehospitals.com/world-heart-day/2022