What are the Different Types of Pacemakers and How are they Used? | CARE Hospitals

A pacemaker is a small device that's implanted in the chest to help control the heartbeat. It's used to prevent the heart from beating too slowly. Dr. Girdhari Jena, Clinical Director at CARE Hospitals, talks about pacemaker types, procedures, and precautions. He says that implanting a pacemaker in the chest requires a surgical procedure. Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated on the 29th of September. This day was first announced by the World Heart Federation to make people around the world aware of cardiovascular diseases and heart health. With the global campaign for World Health Day, we should aim to bring people together in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and encourage them to follow heart-healthy practices. Your heart is an important part of your body. This Heart Day, choose to take care of your heart by following the keys to a heart healthy diet as given in the above video! #CAREHospitals #listentoyourheart #WorldHeartDay #HeartHealthforAll #Heart #cardiovascularhealth To know more visit our website: https://www.carehospitals.com/world-heart-day/2022