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Dr. Syed Osman





DNB (Gen. Med) DNB (Neuro)


5 Years


CARE Hospitals, HITEC City, Hyderabad


Dr. Syed Osman is a consultant neurologist who has been working in this field for five years. He completed his MBBS from Deccan College of Medical Science 2002-2007, DNB Medicine from Mediciti Hospital Hyderabad 2010-2013, and DNB Neurology from Care Hospital Banjara 2014-2017. He has worked as a consultant General Physician and Diabetologist at Deccan Hospital from 2013-to 2014 and was a senior Resident in the neurology department in Care Hospital Banjara Hills in 2017. He has practiced in the leading hospitals of the country and has gained experience in treating acute and chronic cases successfully. 

He has experience in treating various neurological diseases such as stroke, Neurocritical care (Status, refractory status epilepsies, NCSE, various encephalopathies, various neurological emergencies), headaches, epilepsy, movement disorders, and neuromuscular diseases such as ataxia, chorea, Alzheimer's disease, dystonia, frontotemporal dementia, and movement disorders. He treats every case with compassion. He is soft-spoken and tries his best to understand the neurological disorder of his patients by doing comparative studies and proper research. 

He has also contributed his writings in many books and articles in the top journals. He is offering the best services to people with his expertise and experience in the field of neurology. He offers critical care treatment for different neurological diseases.

Fields of Experience

  • Stroke, Neurocritical care (Status, refractory status epilepsies, NCSE, various encephaliphies, various neurological emergencies), Headaches, Epilepsy, Movement disorders, Neuromuscular diseases.


  • MBBS - Deccan College of Medical Science (2007-2007)
  • DNB (Medicine) - Mediciti Hospital Hyderabad (2010-2013)
  • DNB (Neurology) - CARE Hospitals,  Banjara Hills (2014-2017)

Languages Known

Urdu, Hindi and English

Past Positions

  • Consultant General Physician and Diabetologist at Deccan Hospital (2013-2014)
  • Senior Resident neurology in Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills (2017)


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