Dr. Manisha Wagh

Consultant Gynecologist


Woman & Child Institute




17 Years


Ganga CARE Hospital Limited, Nagpur

Top Gynaecologist in Nagur


Dr. Manisha Wagh is a known Consultant Gynaecologist who works at CARE Hospitals in Nagpur. With 17 Years in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Manisha Wagh has served many patients around the world and is considered a top Gynaecologist in Nagur. Women's health and well-being are critical for a happy household. Maintaining one's health is a lifelong responsibility, and health goals for women might shift with each decade. It's important to understand what specific health risks are relevant to your age as a result of physical and hormonal changes. 

Dr. Manisha is a specialist with over 17 years of experience operating in various parts of India. She excels and specialises in the management and treatment of general medical issues, routine and high-risk pregnancies, and other gynaecology issues. She's worked at some of India's most prestigious hospitals around the world. Thousands of couples with Gynaecology and Fertility at CARE Hospitals in India concerns have found joy as a result of her work throughout the years. 

Dr. Manisha Wagh is working hard to reduce the cost of IVF treatment in India while maintaining the highest level of medical care, making it accessible to all types of infertile couples. That is why Dr. Manisha Wagh is the most highly rated IVF doctor in Nagpur by her patients. 

When it comes to assisted reproductive procedures like IVF in Nagpur, Dr. Manisha Wagh maintains stringent laboratory standards, and clinic workstations in the laboratory are created with the closed working chamber technique, which greatly enhances the outcome of IVF treatment in Nagpur. 

Dr. Manisha Wagh is working hard to make fertility therapy accessible to all infertile couples, regardless of their financial situation. She has successfully treated numerous patients with ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, endometrial polyps, tubal block, adenomyosis, Low AMH, Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, Low or nonexistent sperm count, sperm motility problems, and other conditions such as IVF Doctor in Nagpur. 

She is best renowned for her cutting-edge and up-to-date treatment procedures, which have helped her successfully manage numerous cases of infertility and high-risk pregnancy.


  • MBBS - Government Medical College, Nagpur (1999)
  • MD (Gynecology & Obstetrics) - Government Medical College, Nagpur (2005)

Languages Known

Hindi, English and Marathi

Past Positions

  • Lecturer (Gynecology & Obstetrics), Sir JJ Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College, Mumbai (Nov 2006 – Nov 2007)

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