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  • MBBS - Gandhi Medical College. Hyderabad
  • MD (Dermatology) – Gandhi Medical College
  • FAAD
  • FISD


  • Phototherapy for Chronic sever pruritus, vitiligo, psoriasis & others
  • Chemical peels for pigmentation & Acne.
  • Lasers for hair removal
  • Lasers for scars revision, acne, scars, stretch Marks
  • Thermage for tightening of skin – Nonablative
  • Radio frequency equipment for removal of Moles, Warts etc,
  • Nail surgeries
  • Vitiligo surgeries
  • Botox and fillers treatment
  • Antiaging treatment

Research Presentation

  • Conducted Work Shop on Demato Surgery.
  • Lecture on Oral lichen planus.
  • Lecture on role of topical.
  • Lecture on Vitamin C on Skin.
  • Lecture on Anti aging.
  • Lecture on Psoriasis.