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29 December 2021

21-year-old Vani donates half of her liver to save father

VANI did not think twice when told that her father need to undergo liver transplantation to win his battle against decompensated cirrhosis and related ailments. “Besides liver failure with portal hypertension, he was also suffering from associated jaundice and accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.

I am happy that I could save my father,” the 21-year-old woman said after the surgery at the CARE Hospital here. Doctors attending to her father M Neclakanteswera Rao, 52, said nine to 10 liters of fluid had to be drained from his abdomen per session in a week, accounting for 20 to 25 sessions during the pre-operative period. The functioning of his kidneys was also affected, they said, adding that the solution was to provide him with a healthy liver.

Vani donated half of her liver to save her father. ‘A team comprising Dr. Mohammad Nayeem, Dr. Ravishankar Kinjarapu and Dr. Raj Kumar, harvested the liver from Vani. The hospital said two teams were involved in the 14- hour process of harvesting and transplanting the organ.