Digital Media

13 October 2020

34-year-old undergoes heart transplant

Transplant surgeons from Care Hospitals successfully conducted heart transplant surgery on a 34-year-old patient. Syed Sirajuddin was suffering from an end-stage heart condition. On September 23, the relatives of a road accident victim from Hyderabad, who was declared as brain dead, decided to donate organs of the deceased. The teams of transplant surgeons from Care Hospitals, led by Dr. A Nagesh successfully transplanted the donor heart on Syed Sirajuddin on the same day. According to the hospital doctors, Syed Sirajuddin has recovered from the procedure, which was taken up amid the Covid-19 pandemic and was discharged. Syed Sirajuddin, who was employed in Dubai, had a long history of chronic heart disease, hospital doctors said. Earlier, the heart surgeons had implanted an automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) device to monitor the heart and prevent it from suddenly stopping. In recent months, the patient’s heart condition deteriorated and doctors detected a decreased ejection fraction, which indicates a reduction in the amount of blood that the heart was pumping. “Due to his heart’s deteriorating condition, only heart transplantation would have saved his life. We had prepared the patient for transplantation and waited for 20 days before the donor’s heart was available,” Dr. A Nagesh said.