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1 February 2023

Bright spots of health Budget

A key determinant of good health emanates from the food we consume. Hence in that direction, the Atmanirbhar Clean Plant Programme to improve the availability of disease-free, quality planting material for high-value horticultural crops, and the emphasis on millets will work to enhance overall quality standards and also contribute to lowering the lifestyle diseases burden.

Nevertheless, it is vital that India remains watchful of the growing prevalence of non-communicable disease (NCD).

Dr Prathap C. Reddy, Founder Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

The pandemic has taught us the importance of talent and the workforce. Establishing 157 new nursing colleges will support the growing need for trained healthcare professionals and cater to better hospital patient management. The allocation of resources towards the development of the medical research sector will drive better innovation in the healthcare sector.

Jasdeep Singh, Group CEO, CARE Hospitals Group

For pharma, announcements on a new programme to promote research and innovation through centres of excellence, collaboration with the ICMR laboratories, encouragement to investment in R&D point to much-anticipated support to innovation in pharma. Allocation of over 2 per cent of GDP to health is another highlight.

Satish Reddy, Chairman, Dr Reddy's Laboratories

While hiking cigarette prices help?

Cigarette prices are hiked every year because it's easy money as the cigarette industry is an organised sector so the government can collect tax at the source. However, it doesn't solve any problem because if cigarettes become too expensive people will start smoking bidis which is in an untaxed sector. If you are worried about health you must tax the whole sector, including tobacco agriculture. On the one hand you are promoting it by subsidising it and having a tobacco board, and on the other side its consumption causes cancer.

Mohan Guruswamy, political strategist

Cigarettes are categorised as sin goods and not only now, but in future too, the government would like to discourage the consumption of cigarettes by imposing higher taxes on them. More than gaining revenue, the intention is to discourage consumption. Even the cigarette manufacturing firms are shifting their focus to other products.

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