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25 April 2023

Red color leaves are very enchanting, increased sugar comes down after eating, this is the right way to make

Red Spinach Lowers Sugar Spike: In patients with diabetes, the level of blood sugar increases a lot. It is directly related to food and drink. As soon as we eat some wrong things, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. This is where the trouble starts. The amount of fasting blood sugar in common people is below 100 while in diabetes patients it remains ahead of 130. At the same time, after eating food, there is a sudden increase in the level of blood sugar and it reaches 200 in common people, whereas in diabetic patients, it suddenly starts reaching beyond 300. Scientists have given a ranking of all types of food in glycemic index. That is, the food which has a high risk of increasing blood sugar is placed above the glycemic index, while the glycemic index of low-risk food is low.

That’s why doctors often advise diabetes patients to eat foods with a low glycemic index so that there is no sudden increase in blood sugar. The glycemic index of many foods is very low. One of these is red spinach. Red spinach comes in the category of green vegetable which is full of nutrients. It contains many types of antioxidants which help in fighting many diseases. Red spinach contains anthocyanin antioxidants due to which the color of spinach turns red.

How red spinach reduces blood sugar
In the news of Indian Express, Dietician Sushma PS of Jindal Naturecare Institute told that red spinach is beneficial for diabetes patients in many ways. One, its glycemic index is low, secondly it is full of nutrients. Dietary fiber is very high in red spinach due to which it slows down the absorption of glucose and absorbs blood sugar. Apart from this, red spinach contains plant chemicals like flavonoids which have anti-diabetic properties. Guru Prasad Das, Senior Dietician, Care Hospital Bhubaneswar told that red spinach slows down the absorption of sugar, due to which it reaches the blood very slowly. Due to this, the amount of sugar in the blood does not increase suddenly.

Other benefits of red spinach
Guru Prasad Das said that red spinach contains a sufficient amount of iron which it makes healthy blood cells and due to this, there is no shortage of energy in the body. Due to Vitamin C in red spinach, also boosts immunity. Due to the presence of antioxidants in red spinach, it reduces oxidative stress and does not allow any kind of inflammation. It boosts digestion due to dietary fiber.

How to eat red spinach
To get the most out of red spinach, the best way to eat it is to eat it raw or cook it very little. You can make it according to your choice. If you want to eat raw, then mix it in salad and eat it. If you want to cook it, you can eat it by making soup or stew with garlic and olive oil. If you want to boil it and eat it, mix it with some vegetable and eat it.

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