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13 November 2017

Staff at CARE Hi-tech Acknowledged for Great Display of CARE Values


On 11th Nov at around 5 p.m., a patient by the name of Ms K Naga Sudharani had been to the OP Pharmacy. While leaving, she apparently forgot her hand bag. Ms K Sri Lakshmi (pharmacist) was the first to notice the bag lying unattended and immediately informed lady security guard M Rekha, who took possession of the same and handed it over to Mr Rajendra Sahoo (HOD, Security) in the Control Room. On inspection, Mr Shaoo found Rs 13000 in cash, a gold bangle and a gold ring, besides a smart phone. Mr Sahoo took the phone, and tried to find details about the rightful owner, however, it was locked. He happened to check the missed call notification. He took that number and on calling, the responder happened to be the owner’s brother. He was informed of the incident and through him the message was conveyed to Ms Sudharani. Within 10 minutes of being intimated, Ms Sudharani reached the control room to claim her bag. Having checked the credentials the bag was returned to her, following the regular paper work. She was grateful to the hospital for the show of such honest practices. Truly, everyone concerned in the chain set a great example for others to follow; living up to one of the crucial values of CARE: Honesty & Integrity. They were rewarded for the exemplary conduct by the unit FCOO Dr Rahul Medakkar.