Premature Twins of 27 Weeks Old Recover in Good Health at CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills

Twin babies born prematurely experienced a variety of problems shortly after birth, beginning with significant breathing difficulties that required the use of a ventilator and lung maturation drugs. They developed PDA, which was treated with PDA closure medication. Along with this, the babies have developed a few more complications like infections in the blood and intestines, extreme lung immaturity, and oxygen dependency, leading to a diagnosis of chronic lung disease. These conditions were also successfully treated. The newborns were given parenteral nourishment with amino acids and lipids to maintain appropriate nutrition and hydration, and feeding was started with considerable care. They have gained a lot of weight since then and are currently 1.6 kg. Ramesh Kumar, H/O Patient Mrs. Aarthi, describes his overall experience and expresses gratitude to his doctors, Dr. Pritesh and Dr. Rajini, for saving his twins and his wife.