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Bladder Cancer Surgery

In the early stage of the cancer, when cancerous tumours only exist in the bladder, bladder cancer surgery is performed in which the entire bladder is removed from the body. However, it is the last resort and if possible, doctors opt for other bladder cancer treatments that are available.

There are two types of surgery performed depending on the bladder cancer symptoms: (a) Transurethral resection and (b) Cystectomy. Transurethral resection is performed in the early stage of bladder cancer. An instrument is passed through the urethra and used to remove the abnormal tissues and tumours. Cystectomy is the procedure where parts or the entire bladder is removed. The bladder may be accessed through an incision in stomach.

Our specialists are experienced surgeons and make sure that the patients do not have to endure any bladder cancer surgery side effects.