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Craniotomy refers to a surgery in which doctors temporarily remove a portion of the skull (brain flap) to access the intracranial area of the brain and eliminate an abnormal brain tissue or a tumor. The procedure is employed to relieve pressure in the brain post injury or due to aneurysm or a stroke. Removing blood or blood clots or treating skull fracture might warrant craniotomy as well.

Depending on the area from which the skull is removed may, the procedure is categorize into:

  • Frontal Craniotomy
  • Pterional Craniotomy
  • Junctional Craniotomy

A camera with an illuminated scope is inserted through the incision in the skull in an Endoscopic Craniotomy. A Stereotactic Craniotomy is when computer assisted navigation and imaging are used. Surgery in which the bone plate is not removed is referred as Craniectomy. In Craniotomy, the removed part of the skull is re-fixed with screws and plates.