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Hernia Surgery

Hernia refers to a condition in which an internal organ or tissue bursts out through a weak spot in the muscle wall. While a hernia usually occurs in the abdominal wall, it could also occur in the umbilical or femoral area and the groin. A hernia cannot be repaired by any treatment except for a surgical intervention. At times, the sudden rupturing of the muscle wall and the protrusion of the internal organ can cause serious complications. A hernia surgery is the safest and best remedy in such cases. The surgery may take 1-3 hours depending on the extent of herniation and the patient will be administered general anaesthesia. A mesh is usually placed under the skin to supplement the muscle wall and hold the organs in place. The surgery may be an open one or may be done laparoscopically. The patient is required to stay at the hernia surgery hospital in India for a few days.