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Laser Hair Removal

A medical procedure that employs powerful laser technology to remove unwanted body hair is known as laser hair removal. Using an intense, pulsating laser beam, hair follicles are targeted and destroyed to deter further hair growth.

A lot of people are of the opinion that laser hair removal guarantees permanent results. However, this is not quite true. Laser hair removal procedure decelerates hair growth to a great extent but does not promise permanent results. For profound outcomes, several laser sessions are required besides maintenance treatments.

With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced laser technology, we, at CARE Hospitals, ensure the safest and skin-friendly laser hair removal.

Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal?

The success of the laser hair removal method majorly depends upon the skin type and hair color. The best candidates for laser hair removal are people who have light skin tone and dark hair. Laser beams target melanin pigment and remove the hair.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, people with darker skin tone can also benefit from laser hair removal.

Prior to the treatment, the patient can consult the experts at the dermatology department of CARE Hospitals and get useful advice.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

A lot of people, especially women, are not very fond of their unwanted hair. While trimming, shaving and waxing are commonly used procedures to remove unwanted hair, they are not very reliable when it comes to long-term results. This is where laser hair removal fits in perfectly.

Laser hair removal technique is used to remove unwanted hair from areas including legs, arms, armpits, bikini line and parts of the face like chin and upper lip, etc. Some people also opt for full body hair removal using laser technology.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Some of the benefits of laser hair removal are as follows:

  • Minimal Side Effects: There are no prominent side-effects of laser hair removal treatment. A few minor ones might occur which go away on their own in some time. This is because the laser only targets the dark, rough hair with great precision but doesn’t damage the surrounding skin.
  • Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hair: A lot of people face the problem of ingrown hair. Even after waxing or threading, the ingrown hair does not go away. With laser hair removal, ingrown hair can be eliminated.
  • It’s Superfast: The powerful laser beam just takes a fraction of a second to target multiple hair follicles. However, the speed efficiency of the laser depends on the size of the targeted area.
  • Effective to the core: In just 3-7 sessions, almost permanent hair loss is experienced by several patients.

At CARE Hospitals, we provide the best laser hair removal treatment that is not only safe but also guarantees maximum satisfaction. We also make sure that our patients do not have to undergo any kind of discomfort during the procedure.

What are the Possible Risks?

At times, a few hair follicles do not respond to the laser beam and remain untreated. However, the possibility of such episodes is rare.

Other common side effects of laser hair removal are:

  • The patient can experience temporary uneasiness and inflammation on the skin after laser hair removal. However, the symptoms recede on their own within a few hours or days.
  • Some patients also experience pigmentation post laser hair removal. In other words, the area targeted by the laser beam appears to be lighter or darker after the procedure.

This procedure is not safe for areas surrounding the eyes.

Our certified dermatologists at the CARE Hospitals possess years of experience and make sure that patients face zero to minimum side effects.

Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

If you have made up your mind regarding the laser hair removal, you should visit CARE Hospitals and consult with one of our top dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should never consider getting laser hair removal from any spa or salon.

Before the procedure

Once you will reach CARE Hospitals for laser hair removal, our experts will do the following:

  • Ask you about your medical history along with the details of any medication that you are currently taking.
  • Have a detailed discussion with you about risks, advantages, cost, number of sessions required, expectations related to laser hair removal.
  • The staff will take your photos to do ‘before-after’ analysis.

The doctor will also ask you to do the following before the procedure:

  • Prevent going out in the sun for at least six weeks prior to the treatment. If you do not abide by this, the resulting tan will interfere with the laser hair removal process.
  • Not indulge in other hair removal activities such as plucking and waxing. This is done to prevent any disturbance to the hair follicles. However, one can definitely go for shaving.

Another thing that’s done before the procedure commences is the trimming of the hair. The medical staff will also give you distinctive goggles, so the laser beam doesn’t affect your eyes negatively. A topical anesthetic may also be applied to avoid any kind of uneasiness.

During the procedure

A hand-held laser device will be pressed to your skin. The doctor will make the adjustments as per the color and thickness of the targeted area. A cool gel is also put on the laser device in order to further protect your skin and prevent discomfort.

Once everything is set, the doctor will activate the laser device. As soon as it gets activated, a laser beam will be aimed at the target area. This beam will attack the hair follicles under the skin which are responsible for the growth of the hair. The powerful laser beam will destroy the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

After the procedure

The patient may experience inflammation and redness after laser hair removal. Our doctors at CARE Hospitals will suggest you apply ice or aloe gel on the affected area. Other lotions or creams can also be applied.

In case, a skin reaction happens just after the procedure, the doctor will apply a steroid cream.

Hair shedding is also observed after the procedure.

Your doctor will advise you not to go out in the sun after the laser procedure which you must follow religiously.

To get the best possible outcomes, the patient needs four to six sessions to say the least. The doctors at CARE Hospitals give you a detailed plan right after your first laser hair removal session. They will also tell you about maintenance treatments which can be availed after 6 months.

One should also bear in mind that the results of laser hair removal are different for different patients.